“I’ve had the great fortune to work with Robin a number of times in my career. She has an unparalleled passion for retail, product, and the customer. She excels at transforming troubled, struggling businesses into viable, sustainable, and profitable organizations. Robin’s exceptional retail and food knowledge, coupled with her strong strategic thinking, foresight, and creative problem solving results in an agile leader who has been very successful in the highly competitive and rapidly changing retail food business. Given the opportunity to work with Robin again, I would do so without hesitation.”

—John Light, IRi

“Robin is totally focused on the customer, no detail goes unnoticed, as she is able to communicate and forge steps most beneficial on behalf of the customer’s optimal experience. From building amazing new stores to breathing life into ones past neglected, I’ve witnessed Robin create environments that delight shoppers and energize those servicing them. She has the ability to inspire management and store personnel—delivering the vision and outlining the opportunity for everyone’s success.”

—Pauline Giordani, CentraForce

I have known Robin for over 20 years, working with her on many projects across multiple organizations. Her passion and energy has consistently produced millions of dollars in incremental revenue and profit. She has created thousands of jobs by inspiring teams to compete at their highest levels. Robin readily accepts challenges that others would be afraid to consider. Her work ethic is the stuff that legends are made of. She is at the very top of her profession."

—Curt Avallone, NMFG