Robin’s Business Philosophy

I pride myself on being able to design stores and present products, especially fresh and organic products, in ways that encourage customers to linger, taste, enjoy, and learn. For everyone who says grocery shopping is not fun, I’d love to share with them my vision for what’s great about being in a store!

When the interaction customers have with someone or something in a store makes them want to go back there again and again, you’ve crossed the first hurdle. Execution is the key to achieving this, and my standards are very high. I not only want the customer to have a great experience in my stores; I also make sure the quality of that experience is the same every single time they shop at the store.

Stores differentiate themselves from the low cost operators by having great food and unique products presented in an amazing atmosphere that includes unobtrusive “teachable” moments with exceptional customer service.

These are the kinds of things I strive for in developing retail food businesses, because they drive loyalty and repeat business—and then the company wins.