Thursday, August 28, 2014

Robin Michel Around the Web

Just FYI, here are a few comments I’ve recently left on other websites:

1. What No One Ever Tells You About Being the Boss (Inc.)
No doubt about it, being the boss is one tough job. But the opportunities it offers far exceed the challenges. Sure, a good CEO can lift a company’s bottom line. She can also reinvent the given industry.

2. How Does Zillow's CEO Manage By Learning (Fortune)
Speaking as a former CEO, I can tell you that the most valuable employees are those who aren’t afraid to admit ignorance. Of course, they follow this up with corrective action--by immersing themselves in the given subject--but the fact remains: beware the person who claims to know everything.

3. For Chubby Hubby Lovers, a Tale of How Ben & Jerry's Is Removing GMOs (Wall Street Journal)
The whole GMO debate is overblown. And I say this as someone who’s spent the past 30 years in the retail food industry, dealing with these issues at an executive level every day.

4. Is Your Grocery Bill Supporting Your Political Opponents? Now You Can Avoid It (Washington Post)
What an interesting idea! As a longtime food retail exec, I know that empowering the consumer ultimately translates into a richer shopping experience. I look forward to downloading this app.

5. Farmers, Restaurants Work Together to Tailor Locally Sourced Foods to Needs (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Naturally, product that doesn’t sit on a truck from California for over over three days in refrigeration will taste so much better and fresher than product grown locally. Here’s to locally grown and locally sponsored!